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Our internet radio station, Silver Trumpet, is up and running and can be found on the Airtime, radio.net or Zeno platform as well as via the free Zeno app. The station runs 24/7 and broadcasts in English and Afrikaans, but our main broadcasts are on Shabbat mornings. The teachings are repeated on Sunday and Wednesday mornings. The broadcast schedule can be viewed here or downloaded to keep on your desktop. All times shown are CAT. As our media library grows, we will have more teachers to guide us through the last days. Should you have teachings available or know of people who have, please contact us. Any links or articles mentioned in teachings will be made available from our Resources page.

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The trumpet is an instrument ordered by God to be made for service in the Tabernacle, later to be replaced by the Temple. The trumpet was to be made of hammered silver (B’midbar/Numbers 10:2) and was not to replace the shofar, the ram’s horn. It had its own unique sound, different from the shofar, and was used to summon either the priests or the entire nation:

B’midbar (Numbers) 10:2-4: “Make two trumpets; make them of hammered silver. Use them for summoning the community and for sounding the call to break camp and move on. When they are sounded, the entire community is to assemble before you at the entrance to the tent of meeting. If only one is sounded, then just the leaders, the heads of the clans of Isra’el, are to assemble before you.

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While most of the information on this site is only available in English, we have a page available with brilliant Afrikaans resources.


Only Torah, as that given to Mosheh and fulfilled by Yeshua, is found on this site.

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Pure Scripture, with nothing taken away and nothing removed – the way God intended.

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Like Dawid, Asaf, and other musicians, God should be praised in song worthy of His character.

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Scripture should never be interpreted or distorted to suit our own convictions.

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