This website is run and maintained by a God-fearing, Torah-observant couple, Hein and Gerda Zentgraf. We reside in South Africa and have been following the Torah route for many years. Having been called out of Christianity and a long-time permanent musician in the main stream Protestant churches, all we were ever taught was Sunday worship and the lies that came directly from the pulpit. Then we learnt that Shabbat forms the basis of every festival instituted by God we read about in Vayiqra (Levitivus) 23.

Since then we have learned to escape from similar lies in Messianic circles as we were taught in Christianity. This has put us on a lonely road where we have decided to follow only Torah the way Yeshua fulfilled it. On this website we would like to share our joy in and love for the only Salvation, Yeshua, the anointed One. We are not affiliated with any group or denomination, and we never turn any enquiring mind away. When we don’t have an answer to a question, we turn to Scripture.

We prefer to use the word Scripture, rather than Bible, since many damaging associations are linked with the word Bible. Likewise, we revert to the original Hebrew names for the books of Scripture as well as the people mentioned therein. All transliterations on the website are done phonetically, as per the original Hebrew spelling. These may sometimes differ from the spelling on other websites.

Unless indicated differently, all quotations from Scripture are taken from the Complete Jewish Bible as translated by Dr David Stern (https://messianicjewish.net/dr-david-stern) as I am convinced that this is more closely related to the original text than any other translation.

We trust you will be blessed by the content of this website. Blessings in Yeshua!

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