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Silver Trumpet Radio fills the need of people who want to live the same lifestyle as Yeshua, but do not understand the what it is all about. Some fall into the trap of leaving Christianity and then falling into the Rabbinic Judaism trap, while others just follow their noses. We have the teachings of the Yeshua-type lifestyle as the followers of Yeshua lived it even up to 300 years after His ascension. Please see our weekly schedule below and keep in mind that the times shown are SAST, that is, UTC + 2 hours. In order to benefit from these teachings, you will have to convert to your local time. We do many rebroadcasts specifically for listeners in foreign countries with different time zones. You are welcome to drop us an e-mail and request at time to suit you, if necessary.

We have been blessed by numerous international artists who have graciously made their music available for us to play on the station. Please visit their websites and support these artists:

Artists on Silver Trumpet


Kendra Martin

Michael Field: You may leave your details on the Contacts page to receive a free CD!

The Lumbrosos

Ketriel Blad

Lenny & Varda Harris

Greg Silverman

Michelle Gold

Zemer Levav

Misha Goetz

Troy Mitchell

Ruth Fazal


Here is a wonderful new song by Denis Gordishtyan and Lily Bocharnikov, entitled Salvation Belongs to Our God, or in Hebrew: הישועה לאלוהינו. It comes complete with lyrics for you to sings along and praise God!

Listen to Silver Trumpet

Complete broadcast schedule / Volledige uitsaaiskedule


Listen to Silver Trumpet - Johannesburg

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