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Silver Trumpet Radio fills the need of people who want to live the same lifestyle as Yeshua, but do not understand the what it is all about. Some fall into the trap of leaving Christianity and then falling into the Rabbinic Judaism trap, while others just follow their noses. We have the teachings of the Yeshua-type lifestyle as the followers of Yeshua lived it even up to 300 years after His ascension. Please see our schedule and keep in mind that the times shown are SAST, that is, UTC + 2 hours. You can also download a hard copy of our schedule. In order to benefit from these teachings, you will have to convert to your local time. Just before the end of Shabbat, we do a rebroadcast of the Shabbat morning teachings, specifically for listeners in foreign countries with different time zones. On day 4 (wednesday) we repeat all Afrikaans teachings from 18:00. You are welcome to drop us an e-mail and request a different time that may suit you, if necessary. Podcasts are also available of most teachings from our microweb, simply by selecting the Shows option.

We have been blessed by numerous international artists who have graciously made their music available for us to play on the station. Please visit their websites and support them in any way you can. Our station would certainly not be what it has become over the last year or so without decent teachers. We value their input tremendously and request that you also keep them in your daily prayers, not only for their health, but that they will constantly hear God’s voice and never deviate from that road.

Should you come across this site, either as an artist or a teacher, and find your name not listed here, please drop us an e-mail and we will certainly correct that problem quickly!

International Artists on Silver Trumpet

Mishkanim: Married couple Howie and Aline write and record music blending styles from around the world which encourages congregational dance, additionally they engage congregations in times of extended deep worship and intercessory prayer.   Their reports of what the father is doing across the globe bring a spirit-filled, vital edge to gatherings, conferences, home groups, and coffee houses in the Hebrew Roots community and churches alike.

Kendra Martin: Newcomer Kendra Martin has contributed her music to the station. I gave it a listen and really liked it. I think you will too.

Michael Field: Take the time to carefully follow this study, to step out of death into everlasting life. Share the information with your loved ones, your friends, and anyone who will listen. Hoping to see you safely home!

You may leave your details on the Contacts page to receive a free CD!

The Lumbrosos: Patrick Gabriel and Christina Lumbroso sing  original  and traditional   Sephardic Jewish music in a Chassidic style reflecting the roots of the Christian faith. Theirs is a dynamic rendition, with harmonious vocals and stirring lyrics.

Ketriel Blad: Born in Sweden, trained in Spain and now residing in the Negev, he has a passion to bring Yeshua to our brother, Yahudah.

Lenny & Varda Harris: Lenny and Varda are Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua. They write, record and produce original songs proclaiming יהוה’s prophetic word. Their songs have become iconic in the Hebrew roots movement and are beloved by those who have returned and those returning to their Hebraic Heritage.

Greg Silverman: We exist to bring the Message of Yeshua (Jesus) to both Jews and Gentiles. Through anointed worship and teachings on the Jewish roots of the faith you can witness Dr. Greg’s love and enthusiasm for Yeshua and all God’s people.

Michelle Gold: Growing up in a Jewish family, I was given the impression Judaism was a rich culture filled with beautiful & exciting traditions rather than a deep faith. I was (and I still am) very proud of being Jewish & I felt blessed to be associated with a people who fought very hard to be where they are today. My Dad, a teacher, hoped that I would be a very successful person one day and that I would either marry a doctor or a lawyer, or become one!

Zemer Levav: Zemer Levav is a Messianic worship ministry with both a Sephardic/Middle-Eastern, and Celtic sound.  We are committed to lifting up Messiah Yeshua in worship, praise, and thanksgiving to the Lord. It is our desire to create with our worship, a Holy habitation for Adonai and draw His people into it. There God works in every heart.

Misha Goetz: Growing up as the only child to modern day psalmist Marty Goetz and his wife Jennifer, Misha’s earliest memories formed in Nashville behind the piano where she composed her first recorded song at the age of eight. “As a Messianic Jew, my dream is to unite Christian and Jew in worship of the Holy One of Israel,” says Misha. Her style of worship builds upon decades of her father’s ministry and yet incorporates her own youthful style and anointing.

Troy Mitchell: Worship leader Troy Mitchell brings a fresh and authentic voice to Messianic Judaism. Mitchell’s original songs draw from the Gospels, the Hebrew of the TaNaKh, the Midrash, synagogue prayers, and first-century liturgy—even utilizing the Greek of the Apostolic Scriptures—to bring a fusion of Chassidic joy, gospel hope, jazz, and soulish prayer focused on the light of Messiah. His ability to almost become one with the music comes from his 20 some years of leading and/or playing with worship bands.

Ruth Fazal: As a worship leader and songwriter for over twenty CDs, Ruth has travelled extensively across North America, Europe, and Israel. Her deepest desire is to see the body of Christ enter into a truly intimate relationship with Jesus. Ruth honours and loves the prophetic, and feels an urgency in this hour, for us to be awakened to the purposes of God. Ruth says: “Listening for His voice is the most important thing for us to be doing.

Renalee: Shalom shalom, my name is Renalee and I want to tell you about the miracles I have been blessed with and to tell you that I have truly enjoyed serving Yahshua for 30 plus years. Thirteen and a half years of that was spent suffering with 13 different painful neurological and other disorders. They left me totally disabled, bedridden, walking with a cane, and at times in a wheel chair. Now I am rejoicing and thankful that Yahshua has totally healed me and I have been totally been set free from the prison of pain I was living in for so long. To read the list of sicknesses that plagued my body and the complete story of the miracle that took place, including the fact that I am an inch and 1/4 taller, please go to the Miracle Healing page. It is my greatest desire to glorify Yahshua’s Holy Name, for the miracle gift of healing He has given to me.

Sally Klein O Connor: This is a wonderful person with a lovely testimony and a heart for people. Be sure to visit the website and support the ministry.

Here is a wonderful new song by Denis Gordishtyan and Lily Bocharnikov, entitled Salvation Belongs to Our God, or in Hebrew: הישועה לאלוהינו. It comes complete with lyrics for you to sings along and praise God!

Local Artists on Silver Trumpet

Randall Wicomb: Well-known for his light-hearted satirical Afrikaans songs, later also for some indigenous spiritual favourites, Randall and his wife, Koba, sometimes with their children, entertained audiences country wide. His main trade was copper smithing.

Jan de Wet: Minister, musician, composer – a talented person who has spent much time teaching children about the gospel and also exposing their talents to teach their peers.

Danie Botha: Wanting to be a vocalist since shildhood, Danie was “discovered” by a teacher during his first year at school. However, only after finishing his studies in industrial psychology, did he get the opportunity to fulfil his dream. Since then he has mostly been doing gospel performances and is also an avid voice against the Scriptural sin of homosexuality.

Adam Barnard: Adam shot to fame during his stint with two other guys in a trio known as Romanz. However, he decided to go solo and is doing very well for himself. The major drawback at this stage is a serious illness hampering hom to do live performances. He suffers from kidney failure and need a transplant. The cos tof this is enormous and a fund was started to help the family survive as well as pay for the necessary operation. Please support this artist in any way you can, as well as contribute towards the fund.

Cathy Viljoen: A very private person, this lady sings gospel in both Afrikaans and English and shows her passion in her performances.

Louis Britzz: Although he studied to be a lawyer, his greatest ambition was to bring the Word of God by means of his music. He also owns a record label by which he promotes local artists. Louis is a brilliant public speaker and worship leader.

Sonja Herholdt: This lass shot to fame with the local musical awards system, Sarie, and is very popular amongst young and old alike. She has had many hardships in life, but doesn’t stay down. Her trust in God has kept her going, in spite of whatever trouble came her way.

Leon Ferreira: A very talented man, he joined the South African Air Force after school and graduated in electronics. Only after his marriage did he really pursue his musical career, step by step. His voice is not only for singing, though, as he is also an avid radio presenter and voice-over artist.

Ronell Erasmus: Her career started with Deon van der Merwe when they formed Touch of Class, a backing band for other artists. She decided to focus more on her gospel singing and was joined by Ruhan du Toit, but has had 11 solo albums since then and is still going strong.

Lize Hadassah Wiid: She has been walking an intimate walk with Abba since 2011. Before that she was living a very rebellious, sinful and empty life. There was a void inside of her that she didn’t realise only God could fill. Brought up as a Christian, she never pursued the Lord wholeheartedly. She has been playing piano since a very young age, but thought it is only a hobby, something to do in her spare time on her own at home. She never realised that God gave everyone certain gifts to use for His esteem and that it plays a big role in our calling on earth. Visit her website and find out more about her book Born For Such A Time.

Teachers on Silver Trumpet

G Steven Simons

Steven is a humble teacher who refuses to teach what people want to hear. He teaches on various subjects, keeping them simple in order for everyone to understand. He is the founder of Triumph in Truth Ministries, but also recently started touring Northern America in a RV to literally ‘take the Word to the nations‘. Steven can be heard on Silver Trumpet Radio every day 1 (sunday) at 09:00.

John Wahl

John is a Torah teacher from Cape Town, South Africa and has been doing it for a couple of decades. His insight into the Word if God is brilliant and the teachings we broadcast are recorded during the afternoons of every Shabbat at the Elim Ministries gathering place. While most teachings are brought in Afrikaans, John also teaches in English from time to time. John’s teachings are broadcast every Shabbat around 09:00 and repeated every day 4 (wednesday) at around 19:00. Please check our program schedule for more accurate times.

Leo du Toit

Leo is retired, loves to travel and brings Torah teaching to a level that very few people can do, yet is made understandable for everyone. Leo can be heard on Silver Trumpet Radio every Shabbat at 08:30, with a repeat every day 4 (wednesday) at around 20:00. Please check our program schedule for more accurate times.

Tsiyon Road Radio

Presenter Eliyahu ben David tackles Torah in a midrashic way with various guests. We bring these teachings on day 2, monday, at 18:00 and repeat at the same time on day 5, thursday.

Gerrie Coetzee

Gerrie het interessante leringe en ook sy eie webblad. Ons saai Gerrie se leringe uit op dag 6 om 09:00, en herhaal dit op Shabbat om ongeveer 11:30 en dag 4 om 19:00.

Dirk Kotzé

Dirk is ‘n privaat mens, maar hy het ‘n groep op Telegram. Kontak ons om die besonderhede te kry. Dirk se leringe word uitgesaai op dag 1 om 10:00 en herhaal op dag 4 om 21:00.

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Complete broadcast schedule / Volledige uitsaaiskedule


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