Silver Trumpet now also broadcasts messages from Elim Ministries every week, day six, at 09:00 when we’re not doing the Festivals of God. Please support their cause in getting the Word of God to a hungry, lost nation.

We have been blessed with an extraordinary teacher, Leo du Toit, who takes the parashot to a different level with his way of explaining the original text. Join us weekly, on day one at around 10:00 for a belated teaching of Torah. If you miss this, it is repeated again on day four at around 20:00. Be sure to check our schedule.

Certainly one of the best English translations, is HalleluYah Scriptures. These people have done a tremendous job in bringing the Word of Yah to life, with no comments or footnotes to distract your reading. They also have certain parts of Scripture available in audio, which we regularly use on our Shabbat broadcasts. Visit their website and browse around; if you can, be so kind as to send them a donation to bless less fortunate people.

We are negotiating with another radio station, Tsiyon Road Radio, to broadcast some of their material on Silver Trumpet Radio. Tsiyon has been around for many years and have a firm footing in Torah and the rest of Scripture.

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