As followers of Yeshua we can never have enough reliable information to understand Scripture. With all the lies and deceit brought about by the church in general, which includes the Roman Catholic church, most of the Protestant churches, Rabbinic Judaism and even some Messianics, we should be careful of what we accept as truth.

Every other ministry out there, churches, pastors and many individuals like to use the word “truth” – even certain radio stations – but only the undiluted, pure Word of God is the truth. It should never be mixed with any form of doctrine, because doctrine is man-made and each person accepts the truth differently.

Simply for that reason, we are not here to change your way of thinking or turn you into a believer or follower of a different kind. We can also not advise you to leave your church or stop supporting your pastor. We are purely stating facts and you should, like the Bereans in Acts 17:11, test these facts to the pure, undiluted Word of God. After that the Set-apart Spirit will do the convincing.

All articles on these pages were written and compiled by us and people with similar convictions as inspired by the Set-apart Spirit. Feel free to download and distribute, but please do not alter texts without written permission. These articles are free and may not be sold. While we do not consider ourselves to be Christians, some articles (not written by us) will contain the word or pertain to Christians. Sometimes the penny takes time to drop, but those who follow a Scriptural lifestyle, are not really Christians and should refrain from calling themselves by that term.

On this page you will find a plethora of articles, not necessarily only our own, but many others pertaining to the subject at hand: are you on the road of absolute truth? Not the truth of your parents, your children, your pastor or your translation, but the truth of the only Creator-God.

You should be following Him according to His rules, ordinances and guidelines, in Spirit and in Truth. Every step of the way should be a pleasure and always looking forward to the next. In a parody of a Shabbat song, at the end the artist says: “And to think we have the pleasure of doing this every week!”

Shabbat is indeed a pleasure and also the basis of how God wants us to understand His festivals. Each one consists of at least one Shabbat, with the first and last festivals, Pesach and Suqot, starting and ending with a Shabbat. With all these days that we can spend honouring and worshipping God, we don’t need pagan “holidays” and we also do not need vacation – we’ve been already been given everything we need by the God Who provides in all our needs. For this reason, this is also the subject of the very first article. The rest follow randomly, in no particular order. All the articles not from our own pen have been kept totally intact with no changes whatsoever, clearly stating the names of authors, publishers and/or websites. Should any of these authors find an article of theirs on this site which they think violate copyright or should be removed for any reason, please contact us through the contacts page.

Reading plan

We now have the English version of our reading plan, which allows your to do the annual Torah cycle, but also read the entire Scripture within one year. It is available with the original Hebrew names and also the “old” names as used in most English translations.


These prayers are based on the daily prayers used by the Jews, the Amidah (standing prayer) and the Sh’ma (as per D’varim 9:4-9). It also includes the prayer Yeshua taught His talmidim (followers) and is basically an abstract of the Amidah. It can also serve as a daily confession.


It is always good to know about other people who share the same thoughts, walk the same walk and generally serve the only, true Creator-God the same way you do. From here you can go to a page showing ministries and other people we believe carry the same truths.

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